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More Sunshine Fern

Sunshine Fern is now available on backpacks, shower curtains, leggings, dresses, and other goodies! Masks. Coasters. Tote bags. Scarves. Yay! There are pillows with the full artwork and ones with repeating pattern. I LOVE the big floor pillows! And the zippered pouch! Love it! I designed a black and white version too. I had so much fun learning how to offset and get the image ready for the repeat patterning. (thank you, Youtube!) I actually started searching how to do this to make some fabric on Spoonflower and to offer it to others to use in their own sewing. While it is there on the Spoonflower site, I had to order a yard of it before it could be offered for purchase. I'll share photos of the fabric when it arrives. I'm super excited and can't wait to make something with it. All of this led to thinking about Redbubble and their print on demand offerings. I had started a shop on years ago and then forgot about it. It's really nice and quite rewarding to see an artwork in all of these new ways. I feel as if an art door I had all but forgotten about has just opened a wee bit wider. Click here to check out my Redbubble store.

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