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North Star

“North Star”

Fabric cyanotype collage with stitching.


Since moving back home to Virginia, I’ve thought a lot about my art and what path I want it to take. I’ve struggled with how to juggle both cyanotype and painting. I’d also started writing a mystery novel years ago that I’ve gotten out again and have been reworking. Finishing it is a dream I can’t seem to let go. But how to get it all done? Since having covid, my energy isn’t what it used to be so I feel I need to be more intentional about my making than I’ve ever been. I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching about what I’m truly trying to say with my work, what I think will be of the most service and bring the most joy to me and also to others. This collage piece was started as a reminder to follow my North Star, to stay on course and follow my path. A symbol of hope and direction.

What do you think of when you think of North Star?

This piece will be at the “Mindful Making with Textiles” exhibit Friday March 1 at Art on 1st Gallery in downtown Roanoke, VA.

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