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Lotus and Bird

Bedtime Stories Podcast

Welcome to the Lotus and Bird Bedtime Stories podcast! I am delighted that you are here! This is a project I've wanted to make a reality for a few years now. I kept making excuses-not the right equipment, not sure how to edit, etc. There was so much fear around beginning. But we can't always wait until things are perfect, can we? We must sometimes just jump in and begin and learn as we go. This, for me, is such a time. 

I love stories of all kinds. My daughter is a grown woman now but from the moment she was born and even before, I read to her. And then we would read together as she grew. Stories were important. Sharing them at bedtime was a treasure. Now, as an empty nest mama, I find myself again and again missing the very act of reading aloud and the sharing of story and it is in that missing this idea took root. The thought that out there in this world there was maybe even one person who could benefit from a bedtime story was the nudge I needed to hit "publish."

So, thank you from the bottom of my heart for listening.

I will be here once a week with a new podcast every Tuesday. I'd also love story suggestions (they must be in the public domain). And reviews (especially kind ones).



Storytime: Welcome
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